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Pasion eBike

PASION E BIKE 52V 30ah Triangle Battery Electric Bicycle Lithium Battery 52V Battery With 5A Charger & Triangle Bag 30AH Battery

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Pasion e Bike Battery Pack 52V Triangle Battery Electric Bike Battery Kit 52V 30AH Mountain Bike Li Ion Battery For Bicycle Wheel Motor Kit

Brand Name: Pasion e bike

Capacity: 30Ah

Voltage: 52V Electric Bike Battery

48V 500W with 52V 30ah Pedal Assisted:250KM

48v 750w with 52V 30ah Pedal Assisted:188KM

48V 1000W with 52V 30ah Pedal Assisted:172KM

48v 1500w with 52V 30ah Pedal Assisted: 136KM

All Calculation is in Theory

Type: Lithium Battery

Items: 52V 30AH e Bike

Battery Cell Type: LG 3500MAH  Powerful 18650 Cell 

Recommended For Motor: Pasion e Bike Motor Wheel 1500W 1000W 750W 500W

Battery E Bike Advantage: 52V Gives More Mileages and Faster Speed

Insurance: Backed up with Ping An Global Insurance up to 2 Million Dollar


1, Battery type: 52V 30ah Triangle Battery 2, Standard Charge: 2. 0A 3, Standard Discharge: 20A 4, Maximum discharge current: 30A 5, Over charge protection voltage: 4.25V±0.025V 6, Over discharge protection release voltage: 3.0V±0.10V 7, Over current protection: 146~185A 8, Delay time for over current protection: 200-300mS 9, Delay time for short circuit protection: ≦600uS 10, Charge: Ambient Temperature -30℃ ~ +85℃, 45to 850%RH 11, Cell Temperature: 0℃ ~ +50℃, 45 to 85%RH 12, Discharge: Ambient Temperature -30℃ ~ +85℃, 45 to 85%RH 13, Charge / Discharge Current and Termination: Charge: The battery pack is capable of continuous charge at 58.8V and a 2.0A current, cut off current with 200mA Discharge: The battery pack is capable of continues discharge at rate with 20A ,cut off voltage with(39-42)V

Note: Battery Size Refer to Size Picture (Manual measure by human, please allow the tolerance)