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Pasion e Bike Battery Pack 52V Electric Bike Battery Kit Polly Battery 52V 17.5AH Mountain Bike Li Ion Battery For Bicycle Wheel Motor Kit

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52V Battery work with Pasion e Bike 48V Motor Kit, will give Long Mileages and Faster Speed


​We will make it plug and play for you, when you buy our 52v Battery & 48V Motor kit bundle.




1. Battery cell type INR18650-3500mAh

2. Nominal Voltage 52V

3. Charging Voltage 58.8± 0.3V

4. Nominal Capacity 17.5Ah (0.2C)

5. Standard Charge 2. 0A

6. Standard Discharge 20A

7. Maximum discharge current 30A

8. Over charge protection voltage 4.25V±0.025V

9. PACK PACK Overcharge protection voltage 58.8±1.0V Test current 0.2A

10. Delay time for over charge protection 0.8-2.0S

11. Over charge protection release voltage 4.19V±0.1V

12. Over discharge protection voltage 2.80V±0.10V

13. PACK PACK Over discharge protection voltage 39-42V Test current 0.2A

14. Delay time for over discharge protection 0.8-2.0S

15. Over discharge protection release voltage 3.0V±0.10V

16. Over current protection 100~120A

17. Delay time for over current protection 500-2000mS

18. Delay time for short circuit protection ≦500uS

19. Power consumption of protection circuit: ≦100μA