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PASION E BIKE Conversion Kits With Battery 48V 1500W Hub Motor Rear Wheel Motor Electric Bike Kit 52V 12.8AH E Bike Battery

  • $807.79


If you're from remote city, you need to pay for the Customs fee.if island ,no shipping services.

Hub Motor Kits :

  • Hub Motor: 48V 1500W Brushless Gear Hub Motor

  • Controller: KT Sine Wave 18 IR32 Mosfet 45A Controller

  • Brake: Black Aluminum Alloy Brake Levers

  • Throttle: Half-bar Electric Throttle With Key

  • Display: 36/48V LCD3 Display

  • PAS: 10 Magnets Pedal Assistant Sensor

  • Hub Motor: 7 Speed Freewheel / Cassette 8 Speed 9 Speed CST Motor

  • Rear Drop Out Size: 135MM

  • Items:52V 12.8A
  • Nominal Capacity (AH):12.8Ah
  • Nominal Voltage (V):52V
  • Source Resistance (m ohm):<40m ohm
  • Cell Combination:14-Series  4-Paralles
  • Cell Type:3.7V  LG3200MAH 10A 3C Powerful 18650 Cell
  • Cell Quantity (series*parallels):56 pcs
  • Cell Size:Diameter: 18mm, Height: 65mm
  • Battery Size:370*110*90mm
  • Discharge Cutoff Voltage (V):40+/-1V
  • Charge Cutoff Voltage (V):58.8V
  • Max Charge Voltage:58.8V
  • Rated Discharge Current (A):23.2A
  • Instantaneous Maximum Discharge Current (A):45A
  • Maximum Continuous Discharge Current (A):30A
  • Maximum Continuous Charge Current (A):5A
  • BMS:30A
  • Maximum Continuous BMS Limited Current (A):40A
  • Maximum Instantaneous BMS Limited Current (A):80A
  • Charge Mode:CC-CV
  • Standard Charge Current (A):2A
  • Charge Time under Standard Charge Current:7 hours
  • Fast Charge Current (A):5A
  • Charge Time under Fast Charge Current:3.5 hours
  • Charge Temperature Range:0-55°
  • Discharge Temperature Range:-20-60°
  • Battery Net Weight (include BMS)  (kg):4.7kgs
  • Battery Gross Weight (include Package) (kg):5.5kgs
  • Charging Cycles:>700 times
  • Recommended For Motor:Less than 1500W