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PASION E BIKE Speed Sensor For Electric Bikes Conversion Kit Bicycle Speed Detection Sensor Ebike Rim Speed Sensor Black

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BS series speed sensor is with features of multi-specie, multi-standard, good accuracy, waterproof, high reliability, perfect appearance and other characteristics; it fits a variety of models with the supporting use of various types of corporate instruments.

  • Brand Name: pasion e bike
  • Type: Speed Sendor
  • Product Structure: Electric Bicycle Speed
  • Voltage: 12V,24V,36V,48V, 60V, 72V
  • Plug: 3 wires in one SM (Red For "+", Black For GND, White For )
  • Color: Black Sensor Ebike
  • Weight: 100G Electric Bicycle Part
  • Cable Length: 200CM
  • Installation Position: Bicycle Fram Spokes
  • Applicable: Variety of Models Controller