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PASION E BIKE 52V Battery Bicycle Fat Electric Bike Li-ion Battery HAILONG 52V 12.8AH Deep Cycle Lithium Ebike Battery For eBike

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Pasion e Bike Battery Pack 52V Hailong Electric Bike Battery Kit 52V 12AH Mountain Bike Li Ion Battery For Bicycle Wheel Motor Kit

Brand Name: Pasion e bike

Capacity: 12Ah

Voltage: 52V Electric Bike Battery

48V 500W with 52V 12ah Pedal Assisted:100KM

48v 750w with 52V 12ah Pedal Assisted:74KM

48V 1000W with 52V 12ah Pedal Assisted:68KM

48v 1500w with 52V 12ah Pedal Assisted: 54KM

All Calculation is in Thoery

Type: Lithium Battery

Items: 52V 12AH e Bike

Battery Cell Type: 3.7V Panasonic 32BD 10A 3C Powerful 18650 Cell 

Recommended For Motor: Pasion e Bike Motor Wheel 1500W 1000W 750W 500W

Battery E Bike Advantage: 52V Gives More Mileages and Faster Speed

Insurance: Backed up with Ping An Global Insurance up to 2 Million Dollar


Cell Combination:14-Series 4-Paralles

Cell Quantity (Series*Parallels):56 pcs Cell

Type:Panasonic 18650 32BD

Cell Size:Diameter: 18mm, Height: 65mm

Source Resistance (m ohm):<40m ohm

Discharge Cutoff Voltage (V):40+/-1V

Charge Cutoff Voltage (V):58.8V

Max Charge Voltage:58.8V

Rated Discharge Current (A):23.2A

Instantaneous Maximum Discharge Current (A):45A

Maximum Continuous Discharge Current (A):30A

Maximum Continuous Charge Current (A):5A


Maximum Continuous

BMS Limited Current (A):40A Maximum Instantaneous

BMS Limited Current (A):80A

Charge Mode:CC-CV Standard Charge Current (A):2A

Charge Time under Standard Charge Current:7 hours

Fast Charge Current (A):5A Charge Time under

Fast Charge Current:3.5 hours Charge

Temperature Range:0-55° Discharge

Temperature Range:-20-60° Battery

Net Weight (include BMS) (kg):4.7kgs

Battery Gross Weight (include Package) (kg):5.5kgs

Charging Cycles:>700 times Recommended For Motor:Less than 1500W