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PASION E BIKE 52V Battery Bicycle Fat Electric Bike Li-ion Battery HAILONG 52V 12.8AH Deep Cycle Lithium Ebike Battery For eBike

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pasion e bike conversion kits

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Importance: New Zealand,Auatrilia,Switzerland,Sweden exclude customs taxes.

Other European country which is in European Union is free customs fees.please contact us if you are from island or remote places.
Note: 52V 12.8ah battery can compatible with 48V motor
  • Items:52V 12.8AH
  • Nominal Capacity (AH):12.8Ah
  • Nominal Voltage (V):52V
  • Source Resistance (m ohm):<40m ohm
  • Cell Combination:14-Series  4-Paralles
  • Cell Type:3.7V  LG3200MAH 10A 3C Powerful 18650 Cell
  • Cell Quantity (series*parallels):56 pcs
  • Cell Size:Diameter: 18mm, Height: 65mm
  • Battery Size:370*110*90mm
  • Discharge Cutoff Voltage (V):40+/-1V
  • Charge Cutoff Voltage (V):58.8V
  • Max Charge Voltage:58.8V
  • Rated Discharge Current (A):23.2A
  • Instantaneous Maximum Discharge Current (A):45A
  • Maximum Continuous Discharge Current (A):30A
  • Maximum Continuous Charge Current (A):5A
  • BMS:30A
  • Maximum Continuous BMS Limited Current (A):40A
  • Maximum Instantaneous BMS Limited Current (A):80A
  • Charge Mode:CC-CV
  • Standard Charge Current (A):2A
  • Charge Time under Standard Charge Current:7 hours
  • Fast Charge Current (A):5A
  • Charge Time under Fast Charge Current:3.5 hours
  • Charge Temperature Range:0-55°
  • Discharge Temperature Range:-20-60°
  • Battery Net Weight (include BMS)  (kg):4.7kgs
  • Battery Gross Weight (include Package) (kg):5.5kgs
  • Charging Cycles:>700 times
  • Recommended For Motor:Less than 1500W
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How to choose Battery Tips

When you are considering to Get yourself a good  battery, make sure you get one that has high quality cells such as Panasonic,Samsung or LG. Using lower quality or generic cells will have shorter life cycle and poor performance. That being said, the BMS inside needs to be of high quality as well and if it goes bad, you end up with a dead battery regardless of what kind of cells you have inside. Like others have mentioned, it's best to buy from a reputable vendor when it comes to battery and choose one that comes with at least a 3amp charger (5A is better) and a warranty (Global insurance).Some Suppler does not make a quality 18650 cell, and many "name brand 18650" cell packs coming from Them are actually  made up  of clone cells or rewraps. Some will cause big flash and explosion. "You get what you pay for". If range is your main concern, I recommend you get at least a 20Ah battery. This will take you further than you can ever imagine on your ebike. 

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