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Pasion eBike Brand Story 2021

Pasion Ebike is Passioned about Ebikes, We Focus on Producing Eco Friendly Environment, As Humans and Entrepreneurs We are Responsible to Create Harmonized Nature.

In 2021, Covid-19 Changed the Way People Think and Even Move Around, People have More Choices for Short-Distance Transportation, Ebikes Became More Than a Transportation Vehicles , is About to Build a Safe Enviroment, Create Comfortable And Easy Life Style.

The Story of Pasion Ebike Begins in 2014 in Shanghai, China, With Wendy and Xin Passion for the Ebikes.

Today Pasion eBike is one of the Leading Companies in eBike Industry ,We are working on Developing more Possibilities for The People Around us.   

Pasion Ebike Was Born on Facebook by Providing Service for Future Customers. Which Is a Great Inspiration for Beginners to Stick With Social Media And Create Something Brand New .

Nowadays ,Facebook Changed our Daily Life and Played a Huge Role in Making Different Business Purposes. Anyone Who has Been Paying Attention over Recent Years will have Noticed Facebook Becoming one of the World's Most Powerful and Valuable Communication Tools.

Facebook is Connecting People and Making World As one Unit, Person to Person Business is Getting more Popular on Social Media, Which Gives Pasion Ebike Opportunity To Reach People Around The World.

Our Mission is “To Become a Leading Ebike Brand and Succeed By Making Successful Partners in Ebike Industry ”  

Increasing Production And Consumption Number is not Main Goal, The Most Importantly Help People to Start up Their own Business, Create More Miracles.

We Feel Proud and Delighted That We are Part of The Transportation Revolution And Huge Project of Making World a Better Place to Live .

With our Never-Ending Curiosity, To Meet Our Visions to Help and Support Partners to Grow In the Competitive and Fast Changing World. Let’s Stay Innovative and Fashioned Together With Pasion Ebike !

Pasion Ebike , Faster Further Greener,  We Speed Faster, Climb Further, Ride Greener.